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Kundalini Yoga
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Presently classes are available upon request.
Group meditation is every third Monday of the month for $10.

Shaman ceremonies available upon request.

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Sunday, 21 July 2024
VJ of Abiquiu :: Science of the Cards Reading
Keep yourself Healthy, Happy and Holy

Science of Card Reading

Science of the Cards Reading PDF Print E-mail

Give yourself a most precious gift.

Discover “who you are”! Illuminate your awareness of your soul’s energetic connections with others.  Gain deep insight into yourself and understanding important persons in your life.

It will empower your life through choices involving relationships, spirituality, and finances and give you knowledge of the energetic being you are.

An ancient technique using a deck of cards.

These symbols are thousands of years old and tell us of our soul’s journey in this lifetime, with tools to navigate past karma.  These 52 cards plus the jokers were created as a calendar and lifetime guide reflecting the weeks of the year. The 13 cards in each suit represent the 13 annual cycles of the moon, and the 12 face cards represent the 12 signs of the zodiac.  All the numbers on the cards from each suit equal 364 and the joker represents the 365th day of the year.

The four suits represent the four seasons of the year and of our lives – Hearts – spring time and youth; Clubs – Summer and teens; Diamonds – Autumn and adults; Spades – winter and elders.

  • Work WITH the Cards that you are dealt in this lifetime to make better choices for spiritual and financial growth.
  • Learn your Cards Through your personal significators.
  • Birth Card Signifies your soul’s identity is this lifetime.
  • Planetary Ruling Card – express who you are through personal traits and work.
  • Karma Cards reflect past life gifts and what you came into this life to learn.
  • Yearly Cards provides guidance for opportunity portals that can impact our choices and being aware of how they can support your changes.
  • The Cards will tell you the truth of who you are and help with decisions that can lead you victory and self-fulfillment.

CARD Reading:

  • Written Only :: $40
  • With Consultation :: $90